Buying a Home

Facts about buying a home from Habitat for Humanity

The selection of families who will engage in partnership with Habitat for Humanity to purchase homes is done by the local Habitat office. Selection is done by the Family Selection Committee and uses Family Selection Criteria in a way that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, handicap, religion, marital status, or because all or part of the applicant’s income is derived from public assistance.

Family Selection Criteria:

1. Need

  • To be considered for a Habitat home, you must not qualify for home ownership through conventional financing or any other special purpose loan program.
  • Your family’s annual income must be less than sixty percent (60%) of the median income for your intended geographical area.
  • You must either be living in inadequate housing (overcrowded, physically defective or temporary) or be extremely cost-burdened (spending more than 50%) of your income on housing and unable to make a down payment) or be relying on temporary, non-sustainable financial support for your current housing.


You will be required to openly and fully discuss your financial situation. You can begin by listing all current, regular gross monthly income for yourself and any co-applicant. Consider all sources of income during the past twelve (12) months if they are stable and likely to continue.

Gross Pay (before taxes and other deductions)
Overtime/part-time/seasonal/commission income
Dividends/interest earnings
Business or investment earnings
Pension/Social Security Benefits
Veteran’s Administration Benefits
Unemployment Compensation
Public Assistance
Alimony/Child Support (optional)
Other (specify)
Other (specify)

2. Ability to Pay

Habitat sells houses to its homeowner partners. To be considered to purchase a Habitat home, it must be true that:
A. You have a reliable source of income
B. Your annual income is at least thirty percent (30%) of the annual median income for your geographical area.
C. You have a credit history that demonstrates timely payments and no liens or judgements.
D. Your income allows you to pay the full monthly mortgage payment (which includes real estate taxes and insurance) as well as your other debt and living expenses.


You can begin by listing all current regular expenses for yourself and any co-applicant.
Current Housing Expenses
Utilities (if paid separately)
Current Non-housing Expenses
Day care/tuition
Car Loan
Car Insurance
Gas & Oil
Car Repairs
Health Care
Credit Card Payments
Installment Loan Payments
Student Loan
Alimony/Child Support
Insurance (other than automobile)
Other (specify)
Other (specify)

3. Willingness to Participate as a Partner with Habitat

If selected, you become a “partner family” in the Habitat for Humanity movement. For this reason, you must agree to the following expectations:
A. You must complete hundreds of hours of volunteer work with Habitat before you can become a homeowner. This is called “sweat equity.” The nature of the work and total number of hours required will be determined by the local Habitat affiliate.
B. You will be expected to work enthusiastically alongside diverse members of your community.
C. You will be required to participate in counseling sessions focused on home maintenance and financial management.

George/Greene Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, Christian ecumenical ministry that seeks to provide simple, decent, and affordable homes in partnership with qualified low-income families in George and Greene Counties.

Habitat houses are affordable because:

  • Donations of money, materials, and land
  • Volunteer labor
  • Houses are built in partnership with families who provide “sweat equity” hours.
  • Houses are sold to families with an affordable mortgage.

Documents and Additional Information you will need to furnish:

Valid Photo ID
Social Security Card
Employment Verification (pay stub or official letter)
Proof of Income (includes all types of income, i.e. child support, unemployment, SSI, etc.)
Credit Report (a free copy from each of the three credit agencies can be obtained at

Worksheets (Income and Expense tables listed above)

If you own land, you should provide the tax parcel ID number, Deed, and physical address

Some important information as you consider applying for an opportunity to partner with Habitat to buy a new home:
– You will have limited choices for the design of the home (its size, floorplan, paint colors, appliances, floor coverings, etc., and for its location.
– You will likely be asked to contribute to Habitat for Humanity’s public awareness efforts by telling your story at events where you may be interviewed by the media.
– You will participate in Habitat for Humanity’s Community Engagement efforts by working alongside volunteers from all walks of life.
– You must make sure there are no active liens or judgements against you that could prevent the sale of a home to you. These do not always show up on a credit report.
– You will have to make your full monthly payment of principal, taxes, and insurance each month.
– You will be solely responsible for the maintenance and repairs of your home and yard from the day you move into your home.
– After moving into your home, Habitat will maintain an ongoing relationship with you and provide opportunities for financial counseling and household maintenance education.